Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Oil Cooler Hose

2020 TOC
Excellent resistance to mineral and synthetic oils.
AllRubberTN2021 TOC SAE J1532 Type AT High Temp 175C
Premium TOC hose construction meeting SAE J1532 Type A Class AT & other OEM specifications. This AEM tube and cover construction combined with aramid yarn reinforcement provides exceptional heat and fluid resistance to meet the needs of today's OEM hose requirements. This hose can be formed in order to achieve tight packaging needs of current powertrain designs.
OilCoolerHose_TN_con_pngOil Cooler Hose
A general-purpose transmission and oil cooler hose. Meets SAE J1532 Type 1 Class 1. Nitrile tube and Hypalon™ cover.
1019TNSAE J1019 Transmission Oil Cooler Hose
CPE construction exceeds SAE J1019. Excellent high-temperature resistance to hydraulic, transmission oil and other lubricating oil systems.