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VacuumTN11/32 ID Vacuum Brake Hose per SAE J1403
Power Brake system hose for light vehicle brake booster applications. Built specifically for low-temperature environments where a significant amount of oil is present. Light wall construction.
EPDM construction with single polyester spiral reinforcement.
General Motors
Approved to GM6188M & FMVSS106 specifications.
Low-Pressure Brake ABS Hose
Designed for brake fluid, DOT 3, low-pressure applications.
Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Brake Fluid Reservoir Hose
Meets International Truck TMS-6042 Specification.
SAE J1403
EPDM construction with single polyester or rayon spiral reinforcement.
SAE_J1403_HeavyWallVacuumBrakeHoseVH_TN_con_pngSAE J1403 Heavy Wall Vacuum Brake Hose VH
Heavy wall vacuum brake hose. Heat-resistant EPDM compound provides exceptional underhood life in tight placement.
VacuumTNSAE J1403 Light Wall Vacuum Brake Hose
Light wall "VL" vacuum brake hose that meets FMVSS-106 requirements.