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Elite® automatic belt tensioners and OADs by Continental meet or exceed OE specifications for over 200 million vehicles.
/assets/0/136926/292320/5c152321-444c-4a17-9450-7b7bc47efbad.pngAccu-Drive® Idler and Tensioner Pulleys
When you use Elite® Overunning Alternator Decouplers by Continental, you will always be sure the job is done right.
/assets/0/16/164/426/127274/136678/195053ec-a7bc-4159-bbce-8655cbdb8b72.pngOAD - Overrunning Alternator Decoupler Pulley
The Elite® Overrunning Alternator Decoupler Pulley features the latest in alternator pulley technology, and currently more than 70 million vehicles in North America are now equipped with an OAD vs. an OAP. Elite® OADs reduce noise, vibration and harshness typical for today’s lean engine designs, while improving fuel efficiency and lowering the risk of premature accessory drive component failures.
/assets/0/136926/292320/7398fe65-7d47-428a-af80-8c84d91616bf.pngOAP - Overrunning Alternator Pulley
Elite® Overrunning Alternator Pulleys are vehicle-specific and cover a wide range of applications.
/assets/0/136926/292320/306cdb08-b110-4da3-99bd-837229b9bbde.pngOverrunning Alternator Decoupler Pulley and Overrunning Alternator Pulley Toolkit
The Elite® OAD / OAP Tool Kit includes the tools necessary for the removal and installation of these pulleys on North America’s most popular vehicles.
AccuDriveBeltTensionersTNElite® Accu-Drive® Belt Tensioners
OE Form, Fit and Function. That is what an Elite Belt Tensioning System is designed to match, so you can be sure it will install – and perform – as well as the OE tensioner.