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Air Brake Hose

/assets/0/16/342/546/127294/280592/0d4c73dc-2570-46b5-8e00-dd1cd453853a.pngMIL- DTL- 3992F Low-Temp Brake Hose
Low-temp brake hose is intended for use as flexible connections on automotive air and vacuum brake systems in a temperature range from -60°F to 200°F (-51.1°C to 93.3°C). Excellent cold-climate performance.
Red and Blue SAE J1402A Air Brake Hose
Continental ContiTech now offers SAE J1402A Rubber Air Brake Hose in Blue and Red. Color coded hose allows customers to trace service and emergency brake lines. These hoses provide exceptional flexibility in replacing nylon tube constructions.
AirBrakeHose2TNAir Brake – 2-Spiral Construction
Product meets DOT FMVSS106 and SAE J1402A Air Brake hose with 2-spiral polyester reinforcement. Exhibits excellent resistance to weather and ozone.
AirBrakeHose4TNAir Brake – 4-Spiral Construction
SAE J1402A Air Brake hose with 4-spiral polyester reinforcement. Excellent weatherability.