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/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/GalaxyTN.jpgGalaxy® 4890 SLE ''Low Perm'' A/C Refrigerant Hose
Our market-leading low-permeation construction hose is used by more OEMs around the globe than any other refrigerant hose construction. Galaxy 4890SLE derives its performance from a proprietary polyamide barrier and exceptional compounding. Meets or exceeds SAEJ3062(AUG2015) and is compatible with new R1234yf refrigerant.
A/C Refrigerant Hose Types
Air conditioning refrigerant hose is manufactured in accordance with SAE J3062 in a number of constructions. Continental ContiTech manufactures all three of the most popular constructions. The basic construction terminology is shown below. Couplers using this hose for assemblies are required to meet Standard SAE J2064 AUG2015.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/thumb_hose_aircond_intro(1).jpgGalaxy Refrigerant Hose Selector
Continental ContiTech produces a broad line of Galaxy refrigerant hoses for a wide range of vehicular applications. Choose the best one with this size and construction selector. Galaxy hoses are produced to meet or exceed SAE J3062(AUG2015). A/C Hose assemblies must meet SAE J2064
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/AC_HOSETN.jpgGalaxy™ 4826 Full Dimension Barrier Hose
Our most popular hose, Galaxy 4826 is a polyester-reinforced, spiral barrier hose. It is produced to meet or exceed as SAE J3062 TYPE C Class II. Produced to SAE J51 Dimensions for compatibility with full dimension fittings.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/AllRubberTN.jpgDB FLEX® 4842 All-Rubber A/C Refrigerant Hose
Popular all-rubber construction provides excellent NVH properties and excellent resistance to moisture ingression. it meets or exceeds SAE Standard J3062 AUG 2015
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/AllRubberTN.jpgDbFlex 4844 All-Rubber Refrigerant Hose
OEM-approved all-rubber construction. Meets SAE J3062 Type A. DbFlexTM 4844 has a slightly smaller outside diameter than our DbFlex 4842 construction.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/GalaxyTN.jpgGalaxy® 4860 A/C Refrigerant Hose
OEM level barrier refrigerant hose. Approved by many OEMs around the globe for its excellent performance.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/GalaxyTN.jpgGalaxy® 4861 Refrigerant Hose for Suction Lines
A lightweight and flexible barrier hose primarily used as a suction line on light vehicle A/C applications.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/GalaxyTN.jpgGalaxy® 4867 A/C Refrigerant Hose
A heavy-duty barrier hose construction especially suited for heavy truck and agricultural equipment applications.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Original_Equipment/Products/Commercial/GalaxyTN.jpgGalaxy® 4880 FlexBarrier A/C Refrigerant Hose
Extremely flexible barrier hose. Designed for improved vehicle NVH. Reduces noise and impulse vibration from A/C system. Eliminate mufflers or dampeners. Galaxy 4880 Air Conditioning refrigerant hose can be used with a variety of refrigerants.
AC_VeneerTNGalaxy® 4872 Veneer A/C Refrigerant Hose
Veneer construction A/C hose suits a variety of refrigerants and system lubricants. Offers low noise and tranmissibility for the exacting requirements of today's automobiles.