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/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Rubber_Track/Associations/RT_STORAGE_TN.jpgPeriodic Storage of Machine
When a rubber tracked machine is to be stored, the following recommendations should be considered.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Rubber_Track/Products/TrackSection_TD_350p4c_sm(1).jpgLong-Term Rubber Track Storage
When a rubber track is to be stored for a prolonged period (e.g., for more than three months) the following guidelines should be observed. These guidelines are specifically directed at manufacturers of rubber tracked equipment, as they may hold inventories of rubber track (or replacement rubber tracks) for long periods of time.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Rubber_Track/Products/RubberTrackTA_sm.jpgRubber Track Maintenance
The following guidelines pertain to rubber track in use on a machine, and are generally directed at Distributors and end-users of rubber tracked equipment. Adherence to these guidelines will maximize both the service life and the performance of rubber track.