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/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Aftermarket_Parts_-_Automotive/Products/Belts/Belt_PolyV_LG(1).pngPoly-V® Belts with Quiet Channel Technology™
Advanced materials virtually eliminate the usual noise caused by misalignment, maintain tension integrity and create a more flexible and cooler running belt, greatly extending the serpentine belt life.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Aftermarket_Parts_-_Automotive/Products/Belts/StrecthBelt_TN.pngStretch Belt with Self-Tensioning Technology
Stretch Belts are designed with the latest OEM technology in EPDM compounds to elongate and stretch for installation, but recover to maintain proper tension.
Replacement belt for today’s most demanding engine drives.
/assets/0/16/164/426/127274/132472/190b66a8-3f53-460d-80b0-8bdbf2a5ee0c.pngTiming Belts with OE Solutions Technology™
Various automotive, light truck, foreign and domestic engines (DOHC, SOHC and OPPOSED).
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Aftermarket_Parts_-_Automotive/Products/Belts/Matxchmaker hy.t.wedge belt_sm.jpgHY-T® Wedge
Narrower cross-section distributes stresses more uniformly over tension members to deliver more consistent and reliable power transmission.