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Customized Applications


Continental ContiTech works closely with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and replacement Distributors to develop and provide rubber tracks that are optimized for each unique environment. 


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 Mailing Address: 

Continental ContiTech
Attn: Rubber Track Customer Service Dept.
1115 S South Wayne Street
St. Marys, Ohio 45885
fax: (419) 394-04811

In order to convey as clear a description as possible of your application, please attempt to provide all information requested by this questionnaire. In instances where specific parameters have not been determined, you may either provide an anticipated range or enter "TBD." The typical prototype development procedure is as follows:

  1. OEM customer submits a Prototype Questionnaire to Continental ContiTech for review.
    The OEM completes and submits the Prototype Questionnaire, so that we have a clear understanding of the vehicle, operating environment and the track performance requirements.

  2. Continental ContiTech responds with a rubber track system response, suggesting an appropriate track (often an interactive and/or iterative process).
    We evaluate the Prototype Questionnaire, consider the vehicle parameters, operating environment and track performance requirements, and respond with an appropriate rubber track for the application. In addition, we may make suggestions concerning the track undercarriage.

  3. OEM customer submits a Request For Quotation for a specific track (length, width, guide/drive lug profile and configuration, tread pattern and depth, etc).
    If the OEM agrees with Continental ContiTech track system response, it submits a formal Request For Quotation to us, identifying the track, wheels and other associated products in which it is interested.

  4. Continental ContiTech responds with a quotation.
    Upon receipt of the Request For Quotation, we respond to the inquiring OEM with a quotation that includes track prices (for prototype, and for various production quantities) and delivery lead time(s).

  5. Prototype vehicle is built and tested.