Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Automotive FAQ

A: How do I find a sales person in my area?

Q: To identify the sales person in your area contact our Customer Service organization who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.The Customer Service team can be reached at 800.869.0435.

A: How to become a member of the Elite® RPM?

Q: Obtaining membership to Elite RPM is easy. Simply go to the Elite RPM website and fill out the membership form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your entry has been received. You can also sign up by calling 888.587.0169.

A: What is a Limited Warranty?

Q: A specific written Limited Warranty may apply for some products. If there is a warranty claim for a covered warranty condition, the product shall, upon our approval, be returned to us as designated, generally at the customer's expense. 

A: What is Elite RPM?

Q: Continental Elite belts and more help keep our customers' vehicles running ahead of the pack. By stocking and installing Continental Elite products, members of the Elite RPM can earn points toward great prizes. Points are earned for Elite Poly-V belts, V-belts, timing belts, timing belt kits, tensioners and air springs. Points accumulate and can be redeemed for valuable gifts!

A: What products do we sell?

Q: Continental manufactures and sells a wide range of Elite premium aftermarket products. These products include but are not limited to timing belts, poly-V belts, hoses & garage accessories.

A: When do you recommend that I change the belt in my vehicle?

Q: As there are many varying conditions under which vehicles are driven, it is impossible to provide a recommendation on when a specific belt should be replaced. We however recommend that you refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for more specific guidelines.