Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Commercial Truck FAQ


A: For a particular application, how do I determine the correct air spring to use?

Q: We provide a wide variety of air springs for different applications. If you know the key characteristics of the air spring you are seeking you may utilize our Engineering Data Tables found on the menu bar. For assistance regarding a specific application, please contact a service representative at 800-541-7821.

A: How do I get set up as a customer?

Q: We are excited and looking forward to working with you as a potential customer. While we work directly with OE we also work with distributors. To ensure that we better service your needs kindly complete the link.

A: How do I order an air spring?

Q: In order to buy an air spring product, use the "Where to Buy" application and the heavy-duty parts distributor locator to aid you in that process.

A: What is the warranty on an air spring?


Q: A specific written Limited Warranty may apply for some products. If there is a warranty claim for a covered warranty condition, the product shall, upon our approval, be returned to us as designated, generally at the customer's expense.