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Industrial Hose FAQ

How do I select the correct Continental ContiTech Industrial Hose for my application?

The Continental ContiTech Industrial Hose Division utilizes a system called STAMPED to help select the correct hose for specific types of applications. In fact the term “STAMPED” is an acronym developed using the first letter of the different parameters used to recommend a hose. The parameters include:

  •  Size (Inside Diameter)
  •  Temperatures (maximum and minimum temperatures of material being transported)
  •  Application (industry or process)
  •  Material (being transported)
  •  Pressure (maximum working)
  •  End (type of end connectors on hose)
  •  Delivery method

For more difficult hose configurations, you should collect more detailed information about the hose application and contact your local Continental ContiTech Distributor for additional assistance.

How is a Continental ContiTech Industrial Hose constructed?

Although Continental ContiTech makes more than 2,000 types of hose for specialized applications, there are only four basic construction methods used; Braided Hose, Spiral Hose, and Hand-Built Spiral-Plied Hose.

What is a STAR Distributor?

A STAR distributor is part of an exclusive Continental ContiTech Distributor group who maintains the highest level of hose assembly standards to provide their customers greater assembly integrity and dependability.

All Star distributors have been independently audited by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) to verify each STAR assembly location follows the NAHAD Assembly Guidelines, RMA Guidelines, Industrial Hose Crimp Specifications, has the proper equipment, and uses Hose Trakker™ Online.

To find the nearest Continental ContiTech STAR Distributor, go to our Distributor Locator.

Who do I contact if I have a quality issue with my Continental ContiTech Industrial Hose?

Contact Continental ContiTech Customer Service at 800.235.4632

Who do I contact to purchase Continental ContiTech Industrial Hose?

Contact your local Continental ContiTech Distributor.