Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Power Transmission Products FAQ


Q: What is SilentSync?
A: SilentSync is our patented synchronous drive system utilizing the exclusive helical offset tooth H.O.T. technology.

Q: Is the H.O.T. design different from standard synchronous belts?
A: The helical offset teeth provide continuous rolling engagement between the belt and sprocket allowing for less inherent noise and vibration when compared to standard straight tooth synchronous belts.

Q: You mentioned noise. How much quieter is SilentSync than a straight tooth belt?
A: Although the noise emitted from a synchronous drive will vary depending on operating speed, SilentSync on average, can emit up to 19 less db than the comparable straight tooth synchronous belt.

Q: From a materials standpoint, how is SilentSync different?
A: SilentSync is made from Continental ContiTech Hybrex™ rubber compound, giving it excellent tooth rigidity.

Q: Does SilentSync compete favorably with the Gates Poly Chain GT2* product?
A: Yes, especially when noise is an issue. SilentSync can be a desirable alternative to Poly Chain with exceptional horsepower capacity.

Q: You mentioned that SilentSync is an integrated system. What about sprockets?
A: With SilentSync’s exclusive color call-outs, mating belt and sprocket has never been easier, i.e., SilentSync yellow belt mates with a SilentSync yellow sprocket and so on…

Q: Can SilentSync sprockets be specially made if the drive requires?
A: Yes. In addition to our stock line-up of standard cast and ductile iron sprockets, customers can special-order a full range of sprocket materials including stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Q: What are the stock range of sizes currently available for SilentSync?
A: SilentSync comes in a full range of sizes that correspond to Continental ContiTech exclusive color coding scheme starting with the Yellow 8mm pitch, 16mm wide belts through to the Red 14mm pitch, 105mm wide belts.

Q: What about longer lengths commonly used in cooling tower/heat exchanger markets?
A: Continental ContiTech now have available 14mm pitch belts in 3136mm, 3304mm, 3500mm and 3920mm lengths, ideal to retrofit "Fin Fan" style drives. With SilentSync's self-tracking capabilities and lower noise emissions, end-users can make real operational upgrades in their facilities.

Q: Where can I buy SilentSync?
A: Just contact your local Continental ContiTech Distributors for price and availability.  



Q: Is ELATECH brand polyurethane belting new to the Continental ContiTech line?
A: Yes. As our power transmission product lineup evolves, we will continue to remain market competitive for our Distributors and valued end-users.

Q: Will ELATECH polyurethane belting be available in a variety of constructions commonly associated with this type of product?
A: Yes. ELATECH polyurethane belting will offer a full range of custom constructions with much of the capability to do so available with standard leadtimes.

Q: Will these capabilities include cut-to-length, 'welding', special reinforcement, etc?
A: Yes, these types of constructions will be offered, with most available from a U.S.-based fabrication location.

Q: How about extra backing?
A: Extra backing often used on polyurethane belting will also be available; however, this type of construction will require longer leadtimes.

Q: How will ELATECH polyurethane belting be packaged?
A: We will use heavy gauge plastic, appropriately labeled bags for smaller rolls, heavy weight cardboard boxing and, if necessary, pallets for larger size orders.

Q: Can I place my orders for ELATECH brand polyurethane belting directly with your Customer Service Department?
A: Yes. Our Customer Service group will be specially trained to take your orders, have the expertise to change over your existing competitors' part numbers and endeavor to price your product competitively.

Q: Is there an ELATECH catalog available?
A: Yes. There is a new ELATECH catalog to help you better understand and order the product offering. Please contact Customer Service.

*ELATECH is a registered trademark of ELATECH S.r.l. 


Falcon Pd®

Q: What is Falcon Pd?
A: Falcon Pd is one of our premium synchronous power transmission belts and is the first to be designed as an alternative to the Gates Poly Chain GT2 product.

Q: How is Falcon Pd supposed to be used?
A: Falcon Pd is a “drop-in” replacement in existing Poly Chain drives, giving the Poly Chain user a quality belting option.

Q: Does Falcon Pd actually fit existing Poly Chain sprockets?
A: Falcon Pd was engineered to precisely fit Poly Chain sprockets for true “drop-in” convenience.

Q: As a replacement, does Falcon Pd match the Poly Chain on all sizes?
A: Yes, Falcon Pd matches one-for-one on each of the Poly Chain sizes both 8mm and 14mm pitches.

Q: Although Falcon Pd matches size for size, how is it different from Poly Chain?
A: The biggest difference is that Falcon Pd is a rubber constructed belt whereas Poly Chain is a polyurethane belt.

Q: Are there advantages of rubber over polyurethane, after-all Poly Chain has been around for years?
A: Our rubber compound creates a more flexible composite than polyurethane and therefore can have greater resistance to flex-fatigue providing potentially longer life.

Q: Is Falcon Pd as strong as an equivalent size Poly Chain belt?
A: Our testing shows that Falcon Pd has comparable tensile strength to stand up to the rigors often found in many synchronous drives.

Q: Is Falcon Pd comparably priced to Poly Chain?
A: Like any other product sold through Distributors, the final price to end-users depends on the local Distributor. However, we believe Falcon Pd’s final price to be market competitive.

Q: Can the Falcon Pd belt be considered a replacement candidate for all existing Poly Chain drives?
A: Yes. With Falcon Pd’s premium construction and size-for-size match characteristics, end-users should consider Falcon Pd especially where flex-fatigue has been an issue.

Q: Are sprockets available for Falcon Pd drive systems?
A: Yes, Falcon Pd Sprockets are offered in a range of sizes in both 8mm and 14mm pitch. In addition, other nonstock sizes can be special-ordered upon request.

Q: With your Falcon Pd Sprocket offering, can I use Maximizer to design or size a Falcon Pd drive system?
A: Yes, Falcon Pd Sprockets are offered in a range of sizes in both 8mm and 14mm pitch. In addition, other nonstock sizes can be special-ordered upon request.

Q: Are there plans for additional Falcon Pd Sprocket sizes, especially the larger sizes used in the cooling tower market?
A: We plan to evolve our inventory and include the larger 14mm pitch sizes to remain market competitive. Stay tuned for more...

Q: Will you have a U.S. inventory for Falcon Pd sprockets much like the current SilentSync sprockets?
A: Yes. Our inventory will reside in the U.S. with standard leadtimes to apply.

Q: What about Falcon Pd sprocket availability?
A: We currently have an initial range of 8mm and 14mm sizes.

Q: Where can I buy Falcon Pd belts and sprockets?
A: Just contact your local Continental ContiTech Distributor for price and availability.


Hawk Pd™

Q: What is Hawk Pd™?
A: Hawk Pd is our latest improvement in a long line of premium synchronous power transmission belts.

Q: Where does Hawk Pd fit in the your synchronous lineup?
A: Hawk Pd is a premium upgrade that replaces the 5mm, 8mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes of the Hi-Performance Pd Plus™ line.

Q: What happens to your current HPPD Plus™?
A: Since Hawk Pd is constructed from an enhanced polymer with increased strength and flexibility and is offered in all profiles previously offered in HPPD, the current Hi-Performance Pd Plus™ has been eliminated.

Q: If the compound has changed, what about the reinforcement?
A: The tensile cord is our versatile, high-strength fiberglass reinforcement that is well suited for synchronous belting.

Q: Will any HPPD Plus sizes remain in your synchronous lineup?
A: No. With Hawk Pd, the transition of the 5mm and 20mm pitches and migration from HPPD Plus is now complete. Please be mindful that the 20mm pitch sizes maintain the current construction, but now are a part of the Hawk lineup.

Q: Will you publish a new Synchronous Engineering Catalog to reflect the performance improvements in Hawk Pd?
A: Yes, we plan to do so. In the meantime we encourage Distributors and end-users to use Maximizer version 5.1 to take full advantage of our synchronous line-up.

Q: Can Hawk Pd be used as a replacement for other similar belting products?
A: We have designed Hawk Pd as a true “drop-in” replacement for our HPPD Plus and Whitehawk Pd, Gates HTD, PowerGrip GT and GT2, Carlisle RPP, RPP Plus and TB Woods Synchronous QD.

Q: What about strength and durability?
A: With its upgrade in materials and construction, Hawk Pd end-users can benefit from a premium performing, universal alternative simplifying belt selection while helping to reduce inventories.

Q: Is Hawk Pd the same price as HPPD Plus?
A: Yes. Although the final price to consumers depends on the local Distributor, we have not changed the Hawk Pd List pricing from that of the equivalent HPPD Plus List prices.

Q: Where can I buy Hawk Pd?
A: Just contact your local Distributor for price and availability.