Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Transportation Original Equipment FAQ

Q: Do you make formed hoses? 

A: Most of our automotive hoses can be formed to meet the needs for tight routings. However, there are certain criteria for minimum bend radii which must be honored to guarantee manufacturability and adequate performance life. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Q: Do you produce hose assemblies as well? 

A: In the area of low-pressure hose applications like heater, coolant, fuel and vacuum brake hose, we do secondary assembly operations like adding clamps, clips, heat or abrasion protective sleeves and connectors. Call Customer Service or fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page.


Q: I am looking for a refrigerant charging hose and can not find it. Where do I go? 

A: Transportation OE hose handles on-vehicle applications only. Refrigerant or "freon" charging hose, as well as other vehicle service-related hoses like curb pump hose, are sold as part of our Industrial Products hose line.


Q: I can not find the hose I am looking for. Where do I go to find it? 

A: Our website was developed to cover as much of our product line as possible. As our products evolve, we try to show the most up-to-date information.  Please go to the "Contact Us" page for your region and call or email us if you do not see what you need.


Q: I need assistance in designing a hose for my application. Who is my first point of contact? 

A: Continental ContiTech has sales, marketing and technical associates located in plants and around the globe. Contact our Customer Service team to get connected.


Q: I am looking for a hose which handles R12 or R22 refrigerant, but your hoses do not specifically say they handle this. Why? 

A: R12 (CFC) refrigerant was banned for manufacture by the EPA and is no longer used. R22 (HCFC) is used mainly in residential air conditioning and some truck refrigeration units. It is slated to be banned as well. After 2010, no new units will be allowed to be manufactured using R22.

Our Galaxy hoses will handle R12 and R22, but have a much higher level of permeation. Therefore, the OE level hoses we offer today are designed and specified to meet the EPA requirements going forward. Most testing is done with R134a refrigerant since SAE requirements are written around this. A number of refrigerant blends are also tested, but due to a lack of specifications, we utilize the data for comparative reference. Please contact us for details and data for your particular requirements.