Veyance Technologies, Inc.

Snowmobile Belts


Our snowmobile belts are built for speed with high horsepower capacity and top-end performance. It is stronger than steel and helps to reduce heat build up. This is one belt designed for incredibly long life under even the most rugged conditions.

Aramid Cord...The Muscle In Power Streak Belts  

Power Streak meets the demands of high-performance snowmobiles and over power startup shock loads.

  • Our snowmobile belts have a heavy gauge aramid cord. This cord consists of aramid fibers, which pound for pound, are five times stronger than steel.
  • A special tire cord supports the aramid cord for extra load-carrying capacity.
  • An aramid fiber cushion increases heat resistance.
  • Fabric-covered cogs mean a long belt life.

The result of all these features is a white hot belt that stands up to the demands of today's high-performance snowmobiles and riders!

 Download the 2015 ATV Application and Snowmobile Guide