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Continental ContiTech provides a complete line of industrial and hydraulic hoses, fittings and crimpers, as well as power transmission belts. We can help you maximize uptime at every stage of oil and gas exploration. Whether it's part of drilling, fracing, cementing, water transfer or site preparation, every product is built to be tough, reliable and efficient in the harshest environments.

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OilGasPlus  Oilfield High Pressure
Prospector BOP 3000
Prospector BOP 5000
Prospector SHR

OilGasPlus   Cement Transport
Black Softwall
Plicord Torridair Hot Air Blower Hose

OilGasPlus   Cement Transfer
Allcrete Textile
Allcrete Wire

OilGasPlus  Oil & Gas Transfer
Prospector Flex Red 100
Prospector Flex Red 150
Prospector Oilfield 300
Prospector™ Oilfield
Prospector Flex 150 Oilfield
Prospector Flex Oilfield
Liquid Mud 500
Extremeflex Petroleum Transfer
Prospector Petro 150
Prospector Flex Petro 150

OilGasPlus  Chemical Transfer
Chem One
Green XLPE
Prospector UHMW


OilGasPlus  Water Suction/Discharge
Green Hornet XF
Spiraflex 1600
Spiraflex Black Super Duty
Spiraflex Blue Light Duty
Spiraflex Yellow Heavy Duty
Potable Water
Prospector Water Discharge 150
Prospector Water S&D
Versiflo 150 Water S&D

OilGasPlus  Top Drive Cable
Top Drive Cable

OilGasPlus  Fracing
Plicord 600 Frac
Plicord Frac
Plicord Frac 400HW
Plicord Frac 500 S&D
Prospector Frac Tank Hose

Plicord S&D Frac
Frac Cut Gouge
Frac Hardwall Cut Gouge
Frac Hose Arc Cover
OilGasPlus  Jobsite + Support
Extended Life XR16SC
GR15-SAE 100R15
SR12-SAE 100R12
Steel Air

OilGasPlus  Crimpers & Fittings
Insta-Lock™ Fittings
Perma-Crimp Fittings
Perma-Crimp® PC150
Perma-Crimp® PC600
Perma-Crimp® PC1000

OilGasPlus  Traditional V-belts
Wedge TLP™

Banded Belts
HY-T Torque Team
HY-T Wedge Torque Team
Torque Team Plus

Synchronous Belts
Falcon Pd®
HY-T Wedge Torque Team
Torque Team Plus